Viton® Performance Information

Viton® Performance Information

DuPont™ Viton® consists of several standard and specialty types of polymers based on their composition and fluorine content.

The types differ primarily in the end-use performance of parts made from Viton®. Each type differs in its ability to: resist permeation and volume increase, and resist attack and property degradation caused by the chemicals and fluids.

The latest types of Viton® made with Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) are indicated by an 'S'.

The choice of the most appropriate type of Viton® to use for any given end-use application will be determined by the end-use service, and in particular, whether the finished part must provide:

  • Resistance to amines or caustics
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon fluids
  • Flexibility at low temperature (ability to maintain a seal at low temperature)

The end-use performance capabilities of the various types of Viton® differ primarily in terms of these three factors.

Viton Applications Chart

End-Use Service of Viton® Types


Low Temperature Flexibility vs. Fluid Resistance