Viton® Fluoroelastomer

A Durable Fluoroelastomer for Harsh Environments

DuPont™ Viton® is the fluoroelastomer of choice for high performance that can minimize downtime and seal failure.

DuPontViton® fluoroelastomer provides proven resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It’s the most specified fluoroelastomer for fuel system seals and hoses, O-rings and gaskets.

In the automotive field, the latest generation of Viton® has established a new performance standard for today’s advanced fuel and engine systems. Viton® provides improved system durability in extreme temperatures for fuels, oils, transmission fluids and acid condensates. In tough oil and gas down-hole applications, Viton® can help extend maintenance intervals and help protect against seal failure.

Viton® is readily available around the world, helping our customers satisfy their end-users. The long-term value, higher durability and quality make the initial investment a sound business decision.


  • Viton® Extreme™ ETP-600S

    Viton® Extreme, made with APA technology, can resist temperatures up to 225ºC, as well as acids, hydrocarbon, low molecular weight esters, ketone and aldehydes—greatly exceeding the performance of conventional fluoroelastomers.

  • Viton® Performance Information

    Viton® performance information for the standard and specialty types of Viton®, which differ in their end-use performance abilities.


  • Viton® FreeFlow™ additive

    Viton® FreeFlow™ additive can improve quality and output in manufacturing of films made from polyolefin and other resins and compounds.


  • Mazda SKYACTIV-D boosted by DuPont plastics

    Pressure to meet escalating fuel economy and emissions regulations drives auto manufacturers to develop new-generation engines that are lighter, cleaner, higher performing and more fuel efficient than ever before.

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