Automotive air ducts and turbo ducts

Automotive Air Ducts and Turbocharger Hoses


Air Duct Made of DuPont™ Hytrel®


A newly-developed two-component air duct blow-molded using stiff yet elastic DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC/ET, connects the intercooler and throttle body of the three liter, six cylinder twin-turbo engine from BMW.

Authentic Viton® - Get the Best

Enhance performance & dependability by selecting & using parts made with Viton®

You can greatly enhance performance and dependability by selecting and specifying parts made with DuPont™ Viton® fluoroelasatomer, a superior FKM material. Bear in mind that not all FKMs are equivalent.

Boost Automotive Performance

In powertrain engineering, DuPont plastics applications reduce weight and boost

DuPont plastics applications for the powertrain help automakers reduce weight and integrate parts, which boosts automotive performance and delivers productivity and cost savings.

Chemical Resistant Elastomers

DuPont has a portfolio of chemical resistant elastomers and thermoplastics to match a broad spectrum of challenges – from aggressive automotive fuels to custom industrial equipment.

Materials for Turbochargers

DuPont materials for turbochargers and emissions systems can withstand the high

DuPont high-performance materials for turbochargers and emissions systems can withstand the high heat and corrosive fluids in downsized engines, and reduce friction and improve wear for components.

Supporting Sustainable Mobility

Improve sustainability with high performance and renewably-sourced polymers.

DuPont supports efforts/initiatives to improve sustainability in the automotive industry with high performance and renewably-sourced polymers that can help increase fuel efficiency while reducing energy loss, emissions and costs.

Viton® made with APA

DuPont™ Viton® made with APA technology provides improved processing characteristics such as flow, cure and mold release. Additionally, Viton® APA types provide excellent tensile strength, compression set, and chemical resistance.

Viton® Performance Information

Viton® performance information for the standard and specialty types of Viton®, which differ in their end-use performance abilities.