Ethylene Copolymers

Proven Ethylene Copolymers Deliver Versatile, Cost-Effective Performance

Application-specific DuPont ethylene copolymers range from soft-touch to super-tough and can be tailored to meet new protection needs.

From food packaging that’s thinner and clearer to roads that last longer to golf balls that play better, DuPont ethylene copolymers deliver proven performance in hundreds of ways.

For decades DuPont has produced hundreds of ready-to-use ethylene copolymers. And with our application development expertise, new ethylene copolymers can be rapidly and cost-effectively developed for new uses.

DuPont ethylene copolymers can be processed to provide characteristics ranging from soft touch to super-tough, from crystal-clear to modified and filled. Ethylene copolymers can also deliver better sound deadening and more reliable sealing and adhesion.

Plus, cost advantages can be gained through faster processing speeds, better cold-temperature performance, and better heat and oil resistance.