Elvaloy® Modifier Resin

Ethylene Copolymer Resins For Application-Specific Performance

DuPont™ Elvaloy® resins enhance the characteristics of other resins, making them more durable, more flexible, and longer lasting.

DuPont™ Elvaloy® ethylene copolymer resins are compounded with other resins to increase flexibility, toughness, long-term outdoor exposure, and soft touch. Applications include ready-to-eat meal packaging, PVC and other plastics modification, asphalt paving, cable jacketing, and roofing membranes.

DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC modifier resin is used in PET trays for frozen (CPET) and refrigerated (APET) meals. It improves low-temperature toughness of PET, resulting in less tray breakage during preparation, distribution and use, which helps reduce waste. Elvaloy® AC also replaces PVC in non-invasive medical tubing and bag applications.

For CPET converters, Elvaloy® AC improves the on-line recyclability of PET resins by maximizing regrind utilization and allowing the use of low-IV PETresins, or even RPET. It also improves process stability, reducing costs, and making it a high-performing, cost-effective solution.


  • Beverage and Food Packaging Design

    DuPont works with food manufacturers, converters, and retailers to create innovative beverage and food packaging design solutions to help products stand out on the shelf, stay fresh, and meet safety standards.