Elvaloy® RET 5160 & 5170 Asphalt Modifiers

Paving the Way to Better Roads with Asphalt Modification

There were over 1.05 billion cars on the road just five years ago. That number was projected to increase to 1.7 billion by 2035. How many more vehicles can your road handle? The answer all depends on what you pave with.

For over 20 years, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET (reactive elastomeric terpolymers) modifier has proven itself as an industry-leading solution for asphalt modification to build roads that stand up to heavy loads and last longer.

On the fast track to customer-focused offerings

By working closely with our customers around the world and drawing on years of experience and expertise, DuPont scientists and engineers have created two new Elvaloy® RET grades. These innovative solutions help you build high performance roads that meet specifications, lower costs, and stand up to challenging conditions from arctic cold to desert heat.  

Engineered specifically for asphalt modification, Elvaloy® RET 5170 and Elvaloy® RET 5160 give you the elasticity your conditions demand without stretching your budget. And, they give you the flexibility to choose the binder that best meets your specific performance needs.

Driven to create superior solutions

Combining real-road experience and engineering excellence, DuPont delivers two new solutions for asphalt modification to build better roads:

  • Elvaloy® RET 5170 helps you meet the latest requirements and specifications while maximizing road performance and minimizing modifier quantity.
  • Elvaloy® RET 5160 meets specifications and unique elasticity requirements while offering a stronger binding ingredient, so your roads can handle the most extreme conditions.