Elvax® for Industrial & Consumer Products

Consistent Performing Industrial EVA Resin

The diverse Elvax® Industrial EVA resin portfolio has proven consistency, productivity and performance.

The uses include adhesives, extruded industrial and consumer goods, footwear, wire and cable insulation, and similar applications. Details available for commercial (non-proprietary) industrial EVA resin grades include composition, processing methods, physical properties and typical applications.


  • Plastic Closures for Beverages

    DuPont™ Elvax® and other resins for beverage plastic closures maintain hermetic seals, preserve flavor, prevent leaks, and make caps and lids easy to open or peel off.


  • EVA Plastic Production in China

    To meet growing demand for high-performance specialty resins used in packaging, footwear, electronics, and more, DuPont has a joint venture for EVA plastic production in China.