Fusabond® Functional Polymer

Using Functional Polymers to Bond Dissimilar Resins

DuPont™ Fusabond® is a family of functional polymers that have been modified (typically by maleic anhydride grafting) to help bond together dissimilar polymers used in toughened, filled and blended compounds.

The functional polymers product line includes modified ethylene acrylate carbon monoxide terpolymers, ethylene vinyl acetates (EVAs), polyethylenes, metallocenepolyethylenes, ethylene propylene rubbers and polypropylenes.

The functional polymers are broken down into the following series:

  • Fusabond® P Series functionalized polypropylenes for coupling and adhesion
  • Fusabond® N Series nylon modifiers (See also A Series)
  • Fusabond® M Series random ethylene copolymers for adhesion
  • Fusabond® E Series functionalized ethylene-based modifiers for adhesion
  • Fusabond® C Series functionalized ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) based modifiers for adhesion
  • Fusabond® A Series functionalized ethylene terpolymers for adhesion


  • Recycling Chemical Containers

    Brazil’s Cimplast Embalagens uses DuPont™ Fusabond® resin to recycle agricultural chemical containers, turning the used containers into construction pipes.


  • top_challenges_facing_global_packaging_industry_2011_630x450
  • Sustainability Issues | Packaging Survey 2011

    Nearly 40 percent of respondents identified sustainability issues as the top challenge facing the packaging industry, according to DuPont’s global survey of consumer packaged goods companies and packaging converters. This was followed closely by 33 percent who named cost issues.