Surlyn® PC-2200 Injection Molding Resin

Pushing the Limits of Design with Surlyn® PC-2200 Injection Molding Resin

Surlyn® PC-2200 Offers Designers Even More Design Freedom and Creativity in Cosmetics Packaging.

Metal label is protected by a glass-like layer of Surlyn®.

Cosmetic Design Possibilities are Now More Endless

With the addition of Surlyn® PC-2200 injection molding resin to the Surlyn® PC family, DuPont opens new opportunities to designers by further eliminating technical implementation constraints for special design and decoration possibilities, like encapsulation of decorations and sophisticated overmolding applications.



It brings together all the exceptional properties of the Surlyn® PC grades family, including:

  • Crystalline transparency
  • High gloss
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to scratch and abrasion
  • A pleasant touch

Like the other Surlyn® PC series grades, it also maintains high- quality perception of the package throughout the product life without surface degradation or stress cracking due to fragrance.

Enrich Your Collection of Spectacular Caps

In addition, with Surlyn®-PC2200, designers working for perfume and cosmetics brands can explore other creative avenues to develop truly differentiated caps and more daring bottles. Surlyn® PC-2200 helps to create surprising caps in which objects or images can be encapsulated. With this special effect, floating objects suspended in time and space can be brought to life.

Enhanced and Protected by Surlyn® PC-2200 With New Visual Effects

Expand the Range of Decorative Effects

Surlyn® PC-2200 is also designed to expand the range of overmolded decorative effects available, such as the inclusion of:

  • Textile ornaments
  • Metallic labels
  • Printed images
  • Small objects
  • And several other decorative techniques

Surlyn® PC-2200 makes it possible to provide protection for the fine details of the decoration it covers and transforms each element thanks to the high gloss and depth of color provided while playing on the thicknesses of the overmolded Surlyn® layer.

New Areas of Creativity: Explore More Depth and Thickness Various for Amazing Visual Effects

Surlyn® PC-2200 is a high-flow resin, which makes it a perfect fit for applications like Surlyn® 3D technology, which enables creation of overmolded containers with different inner and outer shapes. It enables production of even more differentiated inner and outer shapes, creating amazing visual effects. Together with the enhanced decoration possibilities on the inner container, it opens up even more design possibilities.