Surlyn® for Golf Balls

Play Better with Surlyn® or DuPont™ HPF Golf Ball Resins

DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resins are used as a material in golf ball cover, mantle, and core of balls.

DuPont has been helping advance golf ball performance ever since the first cut-resistant ball, with a cover of DuPont™ Surlyn®, was introduced in the mid-1960s. Today, nearly all major ball makers use Surlyn® or DuPont™ HPF and blended with other materials to tailor ball performance inside and out, from the golf ball core to the cover.

DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resins and DuPont™ HPF resins are a family of high-performance ethylene copolymers containing acid groups partially neutralized using metal salts such as zinc, sodium and others. The result is an ionically strengthened thermoplastic with enhanced physical properties versus conventional plastics. The DuPont manufacturing process for Surlyn® and DuPont™ HPF resin enables highly tailored combinations of properties: outstanding resilience, broad hardness and stiffness range, and excellent resistance to cuts and abrasion - all highly desirable for golf ball applications.

Surlyn® ionomers can be melt-processed using conventional injection molding and compression molding methods and equipment, to create parts of various designs and gauges. Because of their performance properties and processing versatility, Surlyn® resins and DuPont™ HPF have been widely adopted, in neat or blended form, as premium materials for golf ball mantle, cover, core, and other components.

To meet golf manufacturer needs, DuPont offers more than 25 commercial grades of Surlyn® and HPF, plus a number of grades developed to meet confidential requests.



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