Teflon® Fluoropolymer Resins

Families can fully enjoy times together with products that have been created to protect from life’s little mishaps. In the kitchen, DuPont™ Teflon® nonstick coating systems make cookware, bakeware and small electric appliances easier to clean. From clothing to diaper bags, and umbrellas to upholstery, Teflon® fabric protector keeps textiles looking newer longer. Eye-glass lenses with Teflon® clear coat virtually eliminate lens reflections and wiper blades with Teflon® surface protector wipe cleaner and provide a safer ride. These are just some of the examples how the Teflon® brand lives up to its promise to make everyday easier. So, go ahead, and let life happen.

Beyond consumer applications, the Teflon® brand is also employed across a wide range of industrial applications. Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings, resins, additives, and films provide exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, corrosion and stress cracking. For the food processing industry, components and linings made with DuPont™ Teflon® resins can help decrease equipment maintenance costs, increase uptime and throughput and safeguard product purity.

All of these applications reinforce how the Teflon® brand changes the way people live.