Material Handling Equipment


Delrin® 100 Series

Delrin® properties of the Delrin® 100 series make it the premier resin of choice in the most demanding applications where the ultimate in toughness combined with high strength, creep and fatigue resistance are required.

DuPont Plastic Design Guide

From material selection to tolerances, the Plastic Design Guide details 10 top tips for effective design, efficient production, and successful products.

High Performance Polymers


DuPont supports ideal production with high-performance polymers that can streamline cycle times, reduce costs, and help promote workplace safety.

Low Friction Plastic

Low friction plastic applications developed in collaboration with DuPont experts can help improve durability and performance, reduce maintenance, and can even contribute to reduced use of fossil fuels.

Low-Friction Mechanical Plastics

DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes and DuPont™ Delrin® acetal resin are high-strength, low-friction mechanical plastics that deliver performance for automotive, consumer, and industrial applications.

Material Handling Systems & Conveyors

DuPont engineering thermoplastics help meet needs of material handling systems.

Look to DuPont for a comprehensive range of engineering thermoplastics to help meet your needs for rugged, economical components of material handling systems. Components include conveyor chains, belts, side rails, rollers, grippers, bumpers and more.