Vizilon® Thermoplastic Composite

Thermoplastic composite materials for a wide range of applications

DuPont™ Vizilon® thermoplastic composite (TPC) is a family of lightweighting solutions that includes continuous fiber reinforced composite material with a polyamide matrix, overmolding resins and the enabling technologies, such as computerized part design, assembly technologies and automated processing support, which are critical to achieve breakthrough high-volume composite adoptions.

Available as continuous glass fiber-reinforced laminated sheets, Vizilon® TPC thermoplastic composite offers mechanical properties superior to injection-molded reinforced thermoplastics, thanks to the higher residual length of its glass strands. Vizilon® TPC has the strength of steel at just one-quarter the density.

Laminated sheets made with Vizilon® TPC can be stamped or thermoformed into various shapes. Shaped parts can then be overmolded with additional resin for added stiffness and to allow for part integration. Trim waste can be ground and effectively reused as a reinforcing ingredient for injection molded plastic grades. As a substitute for metals in structural applications, Vizilon® thermoplastic composite helps reduce weight and simplifies assembly, which can help reduce production costs.

Vizilon® TPC is well-suited for transportation applications where the goal is higher fuel economy through vehicle lightweighting.

Key Attributes

DuPont™ Vizilon® TPC can offer these and other advantages in a range of applications:

  • Superior strength versus most metals
  • Thermal expansion properties similar to steel
  • Compatibility in multimaterial construction
  • Significantly less creep than short-fiber resins
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Superior thermal aging properties
  • Cold (-40°C) to High (150°C) continuous temperature resistance
  • Compatible with on-line painting process  
  • Greater design versatility

DuPont by Your Side

Thanks to our advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) capabilities, DuPont can simulate the performance of Vizilon® TPC in many circumstances. Our resources can help you successfully integrate lightweight thermoplastic composite parts at the design stage to realize all the strength, durability and weight savings Vizilon® TPC can bring to a variety of applications.


  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Consumer Electronics