Vizilon™ Thermoplastic Composite

Accelerate Your Vehicle Lightweighting Success with DuPont™ Vizilon™ Thermoplastic Composite

Today’s aggressive fuel and emissions standards demand a new set of materials for vehicle manufacture. DuPont delivers with Vizilon™ thermoplastic composite (TPC).

Vizilon™ TPC refers to a growing family of complementary technologies that today includes continuous-glass fiber woven reinforced consolidated sheets. The sheets can be stamped or thermoformed into various shapes. The shaped part can be overmolded with additional resin for added stiffness and to allow for part integration. With strength and stiffness properties comparable—and in many cases superior—to most metals, Vizilon™ TPC offers a worthy replacement to metal parts in automotive body and structural components.

Trim the Fat with Vizilon™ Thermoplastic Composite

Vehicle weights represent a tremendous opportunity to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions. For every 100 pounds shed, vehicles enjoy a corresponding 1% gain in fuel efficiency. As automakers race to meet the 2025 U.S. CAFE Standards, 2021 European Union targets, and other global compliance challenges, it’s critical for them to broaden their materials portfolios to include lighter, cost-effective alternatives to carbon steel and expensive specialty metals.

By replacing metal parts with DuPont™ Vizilon™ TPC thermoplastic composite, automakers can not only realize significant vehicle weight reductions, they can improve the strength and crash-worthiness of their vehicles, enhance parts integration, and simplify the manufacturing process.

Key Attributes

DuPont™ Vizilon™ TPC offers these and many more advantages:

  • Significant weight reduction
  • Superior strength and specific stiffness versus metals
  • Excellent performance in crash applications
  • Thermal expansion properties similar to steel
  • Compatibility in multimaterial construction
  • Significantly less creep than short-fiber resins
  • Excellent thermal aging properties
  • Greater design versatility
  • Improved recyclability

DuPont by Your Side

Thanks to our advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) capabilities, DuPont can simulate the performance of Vizilon™ TPC in nearly every imaginable circumstance. Our guidance can help you successfully integrate lightweight thermoplastic composite parts at the design stage to realize all the benefits of strength, safety, and weight savings Vizilon™ TPC can bring to your vehicles.

Product Information