Thermoplastic Tubing and Elastomeric Hose

High-Performance Thermoplastic Tubing and Elastomeric Hose

DuPont materials are durable, flexible and resistant to heat and chemicals for demanding hose and tubing uses.

DuPont materials are used in thermoplastic tubing and elastomeric hose for a wide range of automotive, oil and gas and industrial applications.

New Technology

DuPont recently introduced new technology to enhance flexibility, stress crack resistance and chemical resistance, with long chain polyamides suitable for auto and industrial applications.

This new technology can help support next-generation performance demands for the automotive industry:

  • Higher-temperature solutions.
  • Improved functional integration.
  • Weight savings.
  • Enhanced chemical resistance.
  • Lower-cost system solutions.
  • Renewably Sourced Polymers.

Hose and Tube Applications

Automotive Applications:

  • Air brake hose and tubing
  • Automotive fuel and vapor lines
  • Flexible coolant and degassing pipes
  • Vacuum and servo brake hoses
  • Air conditioning hoses
  • Transmission oil cooler hoses
  • SCR tubing

Industrial Applications:

  • Pneumatic tubing

Automotive Fuel Hoses

DuPont offers a range of materials designed to resist high temperatures and aggressive fuels in automotive fuel hoses.