Five-Year Study Shows Why Materials Matter™

DuPont was recently featured in the PV-Tech Power journal, highlighting the results of an extensive five-year field study of solar panel performance.  The team observed that the materials in some key components, such as backsheets that are supposed to protect solar panels for their 25 year expected lifetime, were breaking down within a few years, exposing panels to electrical safety issues, premature power loss, or total system failure.  Other materials, such as DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvyinyl fluoride film-based backsheets, showed significant performance advantages.  Learn more about what to look for - and what to specify - to help ensure your solar panels will provide reliable power output for their 25 year expected lifetime, to protect your solar investments.

Download the article.

The article was originally published in the PV-Tech Power journal, edition 4, August 2015. The journal is dedicated to discussing business and technical issues impacting on commercial and utility scale PV power plants and is published quarterly. It is available digitally as a free of charge subscription. To view full edition/subscribe: PV Tech.