Promoting the Sustainable Development of China’s Solar Energy Industry

China solar farm

Materials Matter to help ensure a brighter future for solar energy in China

Established in October, 1999, Huanghe Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (HHD) is a large energy enterprise owned by China Power Investment Corporation (CPI). Since its inception, HHD has accelerated development of hydroelectric and other new energy resources in China’s Yellow River region.

DuPont and HHD have been collaborating since 2012 to promote the importance of reliable materials and innovative technologies, based on shared values of uncompromising quality and sustainable development. HHD and DuPont are working closely to build awareness about the role of materials in ensuring highly durable and reliable systems in China. Together, the companies are helping other stakeholders understand that the long-term sustainability of the industry is dependent on successful solar energy projects. Quality plays a key role in solar energy's success, through the materials used in the systems, along with good system design and installation.

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