A Brighter Future in Uttar Pradesh Thanks to Solar Home Lighting Systems

A Brighter Future in Uttar Pradesh

DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization pastes help maximize the power output of solar panels, illuminating new opportunities for families and villages.


In rural India, 300 million villagers live without access to electricity, depending instead on kerosene lamps for light. This use of kerosene exposes them to health and safety hazards, including toxic fumes and risk of fire. Affordable and reliable solar generated lighting systems have helped nearly 400,000 households in Uttar Pradesh, India, to enjoy safer and cleaner power. A key collaboration between DuPont and India’s largest solar panel manufacturer is helping make these systems more efficient, and increasingly more accessible.

The collaboration between DuPont and India’s leading solar panel manufacturer has resulted in a solar-powered source of inexpensive, reliable lighting, tailored to the needs of rural households.

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