DuPont™ Solamet®

Superior solar cell efficiency

DuPont’s Solamet® has done more to
increase solar cell efficiencies and power output
than any other provider worldwide, no one else even comes close.

Efficiency Matters

  In the last    



We’ve introduced


new products

And yielded


higher cell efficiencies

A Brighter Future

Solamet® metallization pastes transformed over 400,000 homes in an isolated area of India. 300 million villagers previously lacked safe, clean, dependable electricity, but our solar solutions provided energy that’s safer, more reliable, more efficient, and cost effective.


Efficiency for widespread accessibility

The advancements in Solamet® have helped to increase the power output of solar panels by 30%. This means more reliable power with fewer panels and materials and less space. More power with fewer resources means lower overall cost and faster adoption of solar energy worldwide.

Even small efficiency gains can lead to lower overall costs of a PV system over time. Every 1% improvement in sunlight conversion efficiency could result in a 5% reduction in the cost of the overall solar power generation system.

Versatility for very specific needs

We’ve been on the cutting edge of solar cell efficiency for a long time. We were the first to offer:

·         Co-fire metallizations

·         Frontside chemistry

·         Enable LDE technology

Our solar solutions are simple, cost-effective, and offer higher cell efficiency (double-digit) and greater power output at any scale.

Solamet® photovoltaic metallization pastes have enabled sustainable development of China’s solar energy industry and have brought reliable electricity to rural areas.

Endurance for long-term reliability

With Solamet® metallization pastes, your solar cells will generate more reliable, efficient, safe, and robust power for 25+ years.

Solamet® Metallization Pastes

Solamet® PV21x delivers better contact performance and high aspect ratios that enable cell efficiency enhancement >0.1% and maintains high throughput in mass production.


Solamet® PV21A delivers better contact performance and high aspect ratios that can drive cell efficiency enhancement 0.1%.


Solamet® PVD1x and PVD2x makes up an integrated two-layer solution with excellent compatibility to maximize cell performance. This leading solution for double printing enables more than 0.1% efficiency gain.


Solamet® PVM1X has excellent matchability with various MCF parameters, outstanding printability, and yield to both multi and mono wafers with 0.1% efficiency gain.

Find the right materials for your project:


Photo:  TSEC V Series Launch

“DuPont continues to deliver technology advancements that enable module manufacturers to improve their product offerings. We have come to count on the ability of DuPont to constantly push the boundaries of photovoltaic materials that enable solar products to be more efficient, reliable and offer a higher return on investment.” 

-  C.J. Hung, president of Taiwan Solar Energy Company

Peter Dorhout, ACS

“DuPont™ Solamet® technology plays a central role in making solar panels more powerful and more cost-effective. The technology is fostering a fast-growing industry that is creating jobs while enabling sustainable living for humankind. This is a strong example of chemistry having a direct, positive impact on society, which is why these inventors are clearly ‘Heroes of Chemistry.’” 

- Peter Dorhout, ACS President

Guangyao Jin,

"TOPCon technologies could further increase solar cell efficiencies, and metallization paste is crucial."

- Guangyao Jin, chief scientist, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

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