Solamet® Frontside Silver Pastes

Next Generation Solamet® Frontside Silver Pastes Advance Solar Cell Efficiency

Solamet® PV18x series frontside silver paste contains proprietary Tellurium technology, which is only licensed and available from DuPont

Solamet® PV18x improved performance through diffussion optimization

Solamet® is the real LDE enabler achieving >0.5% cell efficiency gain
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The Solamet® PV18x series, which is the newest advancement in the technology, delivers improved efficiency for solar cells over the PV17x series, which is the leading frontside metallization paste and current industry benchmark. Solamet® PV17x + LDE deliver a 0.6% efficiency improvement over previous technologies. Both PV17x and 18x series contain our proprietary Tellurium technology, which is only licensed and available from DuPont. 

Solamet® PV18x expands productivity further than the PV17x series by delivering greater efficiency from even better contact to LDEs with less material required. We continue to innovate the Solamet® PV18x technology to achieve lower recombination losses, lower laydown and improved fine line, to support further reductions in cost of ownership of multi-crystalline cells with higher efficiency results.

DuPont™ Solamet® PV18x features include:

• Reduced recombination at Ag/Si interface
• Improved fine line capability
• Enhanced adhesion performance
• Good contact performance on higher Rsheet emitter to sustain fill factor
• Improved grid line resistance
• Stable on the screen, operator friendly