Solamet® Metal Wrap Through (MWT) Technology

Solamet® Metal Wrap Through Technology for Silicon Solar Cells

The newest generation of Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology for rear side interconnected silicon solar cell designs.

DuPont™ Solamet® PV701 photovoltaic metallization paste is specifically developed as an enabler to provide up to 0.4 percent greater efficiency in MWT solar cell designs versus standard cell designs. MWT is a specialized cell structure that connects the front side fingers to the bus bars on the rear side, reducing shading on the front side of the cell. The connections are made through holes in the silicon with the same composition as the bus bars.

Employed as a via paste and p-contact metallization for back side tabbing interconnects, Solamet® PV701 features:

• Excellent electrical contact to front side silver grid structures
• High mechanical strength
• High shunt resistance
• High line conductivity
• Outstanding solderability as a p-contact metallization