PV Sealants, Adhesives & Potting Agents

Providing solar modules excellent durability and protection against corrosion and delamination

Depend on Dow solar solutions for sealants and adhesives that meet any module assembly and installation needs.

PV Frame Sealants

Improve durability with reliable adhesion.

Depend on DOW CORNING™ brand PV frame sealants for durable adhesion to glass and frames that will provide long-lasting bonding of solar photovoltaic modules. During manufacturing, ease of application is a key benefit, enabling Dow’s PV frame sealants to increase productivity.

DOW CORNING™ PV frame sealants improve the durability of solar frame components by providing protection from:

  • Moisture, debris and environmental attack
  • Mechanical and thermal shock and vibration

Compared to typical PV tapes (PDF), Dow Corning PV frame sealants offer:

  • Long-term durability and adhesion
  • Significantly better adhesion to glass and metal frames
  • Sealing and protection in critical joints and areas difficult to tape

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