Adhesives and Sealants for PV Junction Box Bonding

Improve durability and enhance manufacturing options


Count on DOW CORNING™ brand PV solar sealants and adhesives for long-lasting bonding of solar photovoltaic junction boxes.

Unlike double-sided tapes, silicone sealants from Dow have proven long life spans, providing reliable sealing in addition to effective adhesion.

DOW CORNING™ brand PV junction box sealants outperform organic alternatives, improving durability of solar module components by providing protection from:

  • Moisture and environmental attack
  • Mechanical and thermal shock and vibration
  • Dow’s PV sealants expand manufacturing options with competitive features and a range of product properties. With room-temperature cure and low-VOC options available, manufacturers can find the sealant to meets all of their solar adhesive needs.

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