Silicon Inks

DuPont™ Innovalight™ Silicon inks enable superior Selective Emitter solar cells

DuPont™ Innovalight™ has developed a portfolio of patented technologies and materials that allow crystalline silicon cell manufacturers to produce solar cells with higher conversion efficiencies.

DuPont™ Innovalight™ provides innovative silicon inks and licenses proprietary high-efficiency solar cell process technology to solar cell manufacturers which enables an immediate increase in solar cellconversion efficiency for customers.

DuPont™ Innovalight™’s selective emitter platform is the latest low cost cell design enabled by DuPont™ Innovalight™ silicon ink that allows cell manufacturers to quickly break through the efficiency ceiling.

The proprietary material is comprised of silicon nano-particles formulated into a screen printable ink. The result of over 100 engineering-years of ink development, DuPont™ Innovalight™ has optimized silicon ink powder and formulation properties to maximize the conversion efficiency of the DuPont™ Innovalight™ selective emitter platform. Additionally, the material was formulated to be compatible with low-cost industry standard screen printers - the same tool cell manufacturers use for printing metal contacts.

DuPont™ Innovalight™ continues to innovate and are working on an extensive roadmap for use of Silicon technologies and doping technologies to create advanced high efficiency solar architectures using standard industry tools and processes.

Low Cost
Manufacturing cost on a per watt basis is lowered

Quick Path to High Efficiency
Fast evaluation and quick ramp-up of production lines

Existing manufacturing lines can be retrofitted with Silicon Ink printing

Low Risk
Screen printers are low cost, low risk equipment with a well-established supply base and service infrastructure

Flexible Implementation
In response to the strong demand for faster access and deployment of new technology for high efficiency cells and modules, DuPont has a new commercial offering for customers to implement selective emitter technology using the DuPont™ Innovalight™ selective emitter technology platform.

  • Flexible licensing terms to meet customers preference (by the factory, by the line, by the cell, by the kg)
  • Full/partial technology deployment by DuPont or customer self-deployment option