INTERACTIVE: What Makes Up a Solar Panel?

Have you ever wondered how a solar panel is constructed and what makes it work?

A solar panel is a sophisticated “sandwich”, made up of different layers of advanced materials.

We invite you to explore our interactive guide to solar panels. Click on any of the identified layers to learn the basic function of that layer within the solar panel. Also noted are the DuPont advanced materials recommended for each layer.


  How Does Solar Energy Work?

         ●  Solar cells are made of semiconductors such as silicon, a special material that can absorb light as energy. 
         ●  When absorbing light, the energy knocks electrons loose. 
         ●  These electrons are collected and flow along conductors in the PV cell. 
         ●  This flow of electrons, called a current, can be used as an immediate power source or stored in batteries for later use. 
         ●  The current combined with the cell’s voltage determines the amount of power the PV cell can produce.