Wire Insulation & Coating Materials

Polymers and Fibers for Wire Insulation

Whether protecting fiber optic cable with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, or jacketing cable with compounds utilizing DuPont™ resins, you can rely on wire insultation and coating materials from DuPont.

Wire and fiber optic cabling are used in myriad industires – aerospace, manufacturing, communications and construction to name just a few.  In all of these situations, it is important for wire insulation to be tough, strong, and reliable over time.  In order to meet the challenging performance and safety requirements of these applications, DuPont has developed multiple materals, including fibers made from Kevlar®, Oasis® composite polyimide films, and various polmyers and resins including Nucrel® acid copolymer and Elvax® EVA.