Circuposit™ Hole Prep 4126 Sweller

Circuposit™ Hole Prep 4126 is a solvent swell product designed to enhance the resin texturing and smear removal of high Tg materials in the subsequent Circuposit™ Promoter stage. This process defines a new standard for via plating. Hole Prep 4126 is formulated to process both traditional FR-4 type laminates and more advanced high Tg materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple single-pass process
  • Excellent smear removal on high Tg laminates
  • Produces excellent surface texture on hole wall
  • ICD Free
  • Single solvent system for ease of control
  • Low solvent concentration for ease of waste treatment

Excellent Smear Removal

Image Component

Before desmear

Image Component

After desmear

Image Component

More Dielectric Roughness Delivers Higher Adhesion