Immersion Lithography Topcoat

Product Category: Topcoat

Dow Topcoat is designed for 193 nm immersion lithography. It is designed for use in single patterning and advanced patterning technologies at the 45 nm node and below. The high receding contact angle is designed specifically for next generation immersion scanners.


  • Suitable for all feature sizes generated by 193 nm immersion lithography


  • Compatible with most 193 nm photoresists
  • Low defectivity for line & space and contact hole applications
  • Higher receding contact angle for fast scan speeds
  • Very low leaching
  • Low dispense volume with no pre-wet
Dow Topcoat on Dow ArF resist

Figure 1: Dow ArF Immersion Resist on Dow Dual BARC, SB 120°C/50 sec Dow Topcoat, 90C/60s, PEB 95°C/50sec, 42 nm/84 nm pitch lines