IC Substrate

Microfill™ LVF IV Acid Copper

Advanced Flip-Chip packages demand higher functionality in increasingly fine pitch substrates, resulting in the need to reliably create fine metal features. DuPont™ Microfill™ LVF IV Acid Copper plating process has been designed to meet these needs, using insoluble anodes and direct current (DC) plating in electroplating systems designed for substrate manufacturing.

  • Designed for pattern plate capability, with excellent laser micro-via fill and pattern plate uniformity of Flip-Chip substrates.
  • DC process with insoluble anodes to minimize idle-time effects.
  • Bright, highly leveled, ductile deposit
  • Easily analyzed and controlled by conventional CVS techniques.
  • Highly tunable process for different product requirements.

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Next Generation Copper Pattern Plating for IC Package Application

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Excellent viafill performance across the working panel in isolated and dense areas.

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