Disc Spring Selection – Kalrez® KVSP™ Live Loading

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Enter the requested information to determine the suggested disc spring for your application.

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Disk Spring Options

Suggested Spring

Part # Supplier # of Springs Required/Stud Suggested Preload Spacing
No Disc Springs found for the specified conditions.
Please contact the Kalrez® Sales Office for assistance.

Additional Springs

Part # Supplier # of Springs Required/Stud Suggested Preload Spacing

Click on a Disc Spring Part # to highlight it and view the corresponding picture and data.

The disc springs listed above are suggested for this application. The parts shown above should not be construed as a complete list of available disc springs. All applications are unique and the user should use their engineering judgement to select an appropriate disc spring for their service. It is further recommended that the user perform their own testing to determine suitability of use for the disc spring and KVSP™ kit combination.

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