Search for Standard Kalrez® O-ring Sizes

Input the dimensions for the o-ring that is to be identified.
The input required is two of the following three dimensions: o-ring inner diameter, o-ring cross section diameter or o-ring outer diameter.

Inner Diameter: in
Cross Sectional Diameter: in
Outer Diameter: in
Scope of Search: %
The scope of the search is +/-% of the entered inner diameter and +/-% of the entered cross sectional diameter value.

Search Results

Results include all the o-ring codes that meet the search criteria. Lists searched include AS-568 sizes, Kalrez® metric o-ring sizes and all other standard Kalrez® o-rings.

O-Ring CodeInner Diameter (ID)ID ToleranceCross Section (CSD)CSD Tolerance
No standard O-Rings were found for the given search criteria.