DuPont™ Xavan® is a strong and easy to use stiffening and reinforcement fabric for multilayer filter elements. It ensures the shape of the masks remains stable, while providing excellent air-permeability. As DuPont™ Xavan® is made of 100% pure virgin PP polymer, it is perfect for an easy and trouble-free integration in the production process, where different PP components such as meltblown filters are laminated together to obtain performing face masks.


DuPont™ Xavan® offers outstanding characteristics that are key for producing high-quality face masks.

  • Outstanding to support/stiffen laminated layers, especially in multi-layer face masks
  • Excellent air permeability ranging from 90 m³ to 200m³/(m²*min), depending on density (weight/m²)
  • As Xavan® is made of 100% PP, it doesn’t absorb humidity. This ensures that the electrostatic charging for the particle filtration is not affected and favors a stable melting point temperature for a steady production flow.
  • A high mechanical resistance that improves the form retention capacity compared to other spunbond material
  • Easy to laminate and combine with other PP layers (ex. meltblown filter medium), due to the identical 165 °C melting point. • Allows for fast lamination speed, without damaging the other mask components • DuPont™ Xavan® is pre-compressed for maximum roll productivity
  • Lightweight but strong protection of the filter medium
  • Rigidity retention and capacity to retain pleats under pressure
  • Easy to cut (no fraying or irregular edges)
  • Structural uniformity across the entire material surface and no quality variation
  • ISO-9001 certified material

DuPont™ Xavan® is supported by a strong technical team that can help you choose the right product for your application and design. Furthermore, DuPont™ Xavan® is also available in Food Approved grades to ensure the best possible quality for your face mask product range.