Commercial construction is transforming. Simpler, smarter and longer-lasting products mean quicker and easier building. As a leading innovator, Dow works with builders and architects to find new ways to lower costs, streamline the build process and reduce carbon emissions.




Owners and occupants want more out of their schools, businesses, homes and offices than ever before. Modern buildings are expected to be energy efficient, comfortable, durable and sustainable throughout the life of the structure. Architects and contractors are choosing Dow’s high-performing building envelope solutions to construct buildings that meet and exceed expectations.


Whether you’re an architect, contractor or owner, we’re ready to help you build it better from the ground up.

Next Generation Wall Enclosures

Dow offers complete solutions for wall enclosures that deliver long-lasting energy efficiency, durability and comfort. Designed with proven building science expertise, our systems such as the THERMAX Wall System and the Ultra Air Barrier Wall system solve modern construction challenges for a wide range of building types including steel stud and concrete.

When you're ready to build, we can help you determine the best solution to meet your project's needs. Get started by determining which Dow insulation solution is best for your building envelope enclosure. Our experts can then perform an analysis for code compliance, cost comparisons and dew point for your region.

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LEEDing the Way

Our portfolio of high-performance solutions can help you achieve commercial LEED certification. Benefits of a LEED building include lower operating costs, increased investment returns and reduced environmental impact.

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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Dow’s insulation and adhesive solutions offer architects and contractors go-to technology for conventional or inverted roofs.

Our XPS insulation is a high-performance solution for virtually any roofing application. A strong adhesive works in place of steel fasteners to prevent thermal bridging for added envelope performance. For over 50 years, professionals have trusted Dow XPS insulation for increased moisture resistance, long-term thermal performance and increased longevity of the roof.

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Protecting the Envelope Below Grade

Temperature differences between the ground and below grade wall sand foundations can compromise the comfort, durability and energy efficiency of your building.

Dow’s rigid insulation solutions prevent thermal loss and condensation between the ground and below grade walls and floors, enhancing the overall comfort and efficiency of your building envelope.

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Metal Building Solutions

Metal is a popular material choice for commercial buildings, but its conductive quality can present serious challenges to thermal and moisture regulation.

Our insulation and air sealing products for metal buildings give you one easy-to-use package for meeting continuous insulation and air barrier requirements.

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Cold Storage Building Solutions

In a low-temperature building, designing for thermal and moisture control is crucial to your long-term performance and energy savings. Dow rigid-foam insulations are designed for low-temperature applications and will increase the energy efficiency of your cold storage building.

Code Compliant

Codes can be confusing. Our experts can help you identify the right solutions to meet your project’s code requirements.

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Retrofitting Existing Buildings

If all new buildings from today on were designed to be net-zero energy, it would still take several decades for the change to have an impact on global energy consumption. A quicker and more cost-effective strategy for reducing carbon emissions and utility bills is retrofitting existing buildings.

Dow’s integrated insulation and air sealing solutions help contractors and building owners improve energy performance and minimize moisture damage throughout the building envelope.

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Tilt Up and Precast Solutions

Concrete is a strong and highly durable material and a good choice in commercial applications. However, concrete panel walls such as precast, tilt-up or poured in place can absorb moisture from rain and vapor drive.

Condensation buildup can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and may cause other problems, including mold and mildew. Rigid insulation solutions from Dow Building Solutions combine superior insulating capabilities and dew point control with the additional strength of concrete.