BETAWIPE surface activators

Applying BETAWIPE to glass

Used with our BETASEAL or BETAMATE adhesives, BETAWIPE surface activators quickly and easily prepare automotive glass and many other substrates for bonding. 

BETAWIPE promotes adhesion, improving the strength of bond cross-linking between the substrate and adhesive. It is available for OEM and aftermarket customers around the world.


  • BETAWIPE™ works as a surface activator and is primarily used as part of the BETASEAL™ glass bonding system.
  • Promotes adhesion of adhesives for side, roof, floor, and other bonding applications.


  • Adhesion promoter
  • Improves efficiency and strength of bond cross-linking between substrate and adhesive
  • Reactivates remaining "cut back" polyurethane, polyacrylic acid,and polyvinyl chloride reaction injection molding encapsulations
  • Flash-off time: 10 minutes