Criteria for Submissions

How to Submit Your Business Opportunity

If your company has innovative technology that can help create new growth opportunities in collaboration with DuPont, we’d like to learn more about it.

To start a conversation, we invite you to e-mail a summary of your business plan to one of us. Please include sufficient information about your technology, financial projections, and other documentation that you think will help us evaluate the opportunity. We encourage you to keep these materials brief (2-5 pages) so we can quickly review and respond to your submission. We will carefully evaluate the information you provide and will respond to you by e-mail within 4-6 weeks if we determine that there is potential fit with our portfolio. We strongly encourage you to articulate how collaborating with DuPont could create strategic value for both DuPont and your company.

To submit your plan, please reach out to the focus area contact for our team.

Send only non-confidential materials

To protect your rights and ours, all initial submissions must be non-confidential. Anything marked “confidential” will not be read. Further, your initial submission materials must be clearly marked “non-confidential.”

Include confirmation

The following phrase must appear in your introductory e-mail, letter or on the cover page of your business plan: “I confirm that all materials being submitted for consideration are non-confidential and that I have the right to submit them.”

Accepted file formats

We are happy to review PDF, PowerPoint®, Word® and Excel® files. Files larger than 10 MB will be rejected by our e-mail system. If your files are larger than 10 MB, please contact us to find out how to send a printed copy for your submission.