DuPont Position Statement on Biodiversity Principles

Protection of the world’s biodiversity is an important societal need, as well as a critical requirement for developing new products. As part of our corporate commitment to sustainable growth, DuPont seeks to conserve and protect natural resource biodiversity; consider concerns of local communities in the selection, design, production, and introduction of our products; and publicly advocate positions consistent with this commitment. Specifically, we will:

  • Excel in the efficient use of fossil fuels and feedstocks, water, minerals, land, and other natural resources, and move toward increased use of renewable energy and feedstocks.
  • Promote integrated solutions for sustainable agriculture that safely and appropriately utilize a broad range of available technologies, business capabilities, and IP for both existing farming methods and emerging mechanical and biotechnology applications.
  • Continuously review the impact of our products under development and in the marketplace, manufacturing decisions and practices, product stewardship policies, and actions on natural resource biodiversity.
  • Inform and engage local communities in decisions impacting natural resource biodiversity in those communities.
  • Publicly support the conservation and sustainable use goals and objectives of international agreements, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, and their implementation through science-based, well-defined provisions and protocols.
  • Ensure that, when seeking access to plant genetic resources from a particular country, we share related information and benefits and seek informed consent from that country to both develop and preserve biodiversity. Any intellectual property rights we might obtain in that country related to genetic resources will be in accordance with the laws and policies of that country.
  • Make available our intellectual property rights, as appropriate, in collaborative efforts to develop and deliver sustainable products of value to both DuPont and the country of origin.
  • Promote and support credible scientific research to monitor the health of ecosystems.
  • Advance education in genetics and plant biology through support of research at public institutions, publication of research in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at scientific conferences, and interactions with educators, students and customers.