DuPont Sustainability Goals

Since 1990, DuPont has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Twenty-five years later, we continue our leadership journey by announcing a set of 2020 Sustainability Goals that integrate sustainability in our innovation process, further improve our operational footprint, and continue our efforts to enhance global food security. As we look toward the future, science and innovation will be essential to making our planet’s resources secure.

Our Sustainable Innovation Goal is the centerpiece for sustainability at the Next Generation DuPont—and of our 2020 Sustainability Goals. It commits us to further embedding sustainability in our innovation process so that products in our pipeline will contribute to a safer, healthier, more sustainable world. Because we are committed to helping end hunger and building global food security, Food Security is also at the heart of our priorities. Lastly, with a continuing focus on improving our footprint, we have set new goals in emissions, water use and waste.

We are further integrating sustainability and innovation.
We are investing in the leaders of tomorrow.
We are launching new emissions and water goals.

Q&A with DuPont's Chief Sustainability Officer

Krysta Harden joined DuPont in February 2016 as the company’s Vice President of Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer.

DuPont Sustainability Reporting

Visit our Sustainability Reporting page to learn more about these innovations as well as our sustainability progress and performance.