2020 Footprint Goals

DuPont 2020 Footprint Goals

Decades ago, we began to focus on the environmental impact of our operations and pro-actively respond to calls for environmental compliance. In 1989, when we announced our first set of corporate goals, our focus was on reducing the environmental footprint of our manufacturing operations.

Since then, our subsequent corporate sustainability goals have continued our drive toward a smaller footprint. In 2006, we announced a number of 2015 footprint goals and, in 2013, achieved the majority of these goals two years ahead of schedule.

Now, we take the next step on our journey to reduce the impacts of our operations.

We will further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 7% from a 2015 baseline.
Water Stewardship
All DuPont sites in locations evaluated as high or extremely high water-risk will establish water risk mitigation plans and complete priority implementation objectives by 2020.
We will reduce our non-renewable energy use by 10% per price-adjusted dollar revenue compared to a baseline of 2010.
Each DuPont business will meet a 2020 waste goal appropriate to its operation.