2020 Sustainable Innovation Goal

DuPont 2020 Sustainable Innovation Goal

Our Sustainable Innovation Goal is the centerpiece for sustainability at the Next Generation DuPont. We are creating sustainable, renewable, innovative, market-driven solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Goal: Create a Pipeline of Sustainable Innovations

We will further embed sustainability in our innovation process and challenge all products in our pipeline to contribute to a safer, healthier, more sustainable world. We will track our progress and measure and report the quantifiable safety, health, and sustainability benefits from major growth innovations.


Creating Cellulosic Ethanol from Crop Waste

See how DuPont is transforming crop waste into something useful.

A World Without Food Waste

Learn how DuPont™ Tyvek® Air Cargo covers and DuPont Packaging resins help protect perishables and reduce food waste during transit.

Food Safety in China

See how DuPont worked with China’s top government agencies to develop a BAX® System based on molecular biology to test for microorganisms in food.