Product Stewardship & Regulatory

Responsible Product Life Cycle Management and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is consistent with our Core Values of safety, health and the environment, ethics and respect. DuPont has significant scientific and regulatory expertise to focus on market demands for safer, more sustainable products.

DuPont is committed to a full evaluation and understanding of the human health and environmental impact of our products throughout the supply chain, and considers health and environment related data as a valuable asset. Our internal policies, standards and procedures back up our stewardship and compliance efforts. The knowledge of the supply chains in which we operate and the understanding of the legal requirements and related guidelines in the different jurisdictions touched by our global markets are key aspects. By our advocacy outreach, we strive for an open discussion with the authorities, the industry and other interested parties. We work closely with our suppliers, carriers, distributors and customers for an appropriate product management and effective implementation of the regulations.

Product Stewardship

We manage our products throughout their existing life cycles, focusing on health, safety and environmental issues at each phase.

DuPont and REACH

We continue to register the substances we manufacture in—and import into—the European Union, as well as authorize some of our substances.

DuPont and US GHS

We are committed to upholding the United Nations mandate that helps harmonize hazard communications on a global scale.