Advanced Fibers Systems

Bulletins for Our Customers

The following documents give the Position of DuPont
on status of Compliance to REACH regulations
according to the type of product. Please select the
one according to the classification below.

Position of DuPont for KEVLAR® and NOMEX®

Category: Articles
Staple, Yarn, Paper, Pulp, Floc, Fabrics, Felt, Laminates, Prepreg, Spunlace, Resins, Fibrids

DPT_ AFS_Articles_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_de (pdf)
DPT_ AFS_Articles_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_en (pdf)
DPT_ AFS_Articles_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_es (pdf)
DPT_ AFS_Articles_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_fr (pdf)
DPT_ AFS_Articles_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_it (pdf)

Category: Preparations
Engineered Elastomers

DPT_AFS_Preparations_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_de (pdf)
DPT_AFS_Preparations_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_en (pdf)
DPT_AFS_Preparations_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_es (pdf)
DPT_AFS_Preparations_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_fr (pdf)
DPT_AFS_Preparations_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin_it (pdf)


Update on the Authorisation Process for DMAc

Within the following document we would like to provide the view of DuPont on the current progress of the substance DMAc (Dimethylacetamide) within the REACH process for SVHCs (Substance of Very High Concern). We also would like to inform about the current situation and further intentions of reducing the DMAc content in Nomex® products. 

DPT_ AFS_REACH_Compliance_Bulletin (pdf)


If you are not sure under which classification the product you purchase falls, please consult your regular contact at DuPont.

REACH Article 3

For the purposes of this Regulation:
1. substance: means a chemical element and its compounds in
the natural state or obtained by any manufacturing process,
including any additive necessary to preserve its stability and
any impurity deriving from the process used, but excluding
any solvent which may be separated without affecting the
stability of the substance or changing its composition;
2. preparation: means a mixture or solution composed of two
or more substances;
3. article: means an object which during production is given a
special shape, surface or design which determines its function
to a greater degree than does its chemical composition;



This information is based on our current level of knowledge
and expresses only our intention. It does not constitute a binding obligation.
Whilst the information is provided in good faith, no representations or warranties are made with regards to its completeness or accuracy and no liability will be accepted for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on the information.

To understand fully the obligations that you will have under REACH, we recommend that you consult the REACH web site at