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Bulletins for Our Customers

The following documents reflect the progress on our way to REACH compliance. Please select the link that relates to your product:

Position for DuPont Building Innovations products: AirGuard®, Typar®, Tyvek®, Zemdrain®


Position for DuPont Building Innovations products: Corian®, Montelli®, DuPont™ Solid Surfaces, DuPont™  Bath Surfaces

DuPont_DBI_SUR_Articles_Reach_Compliance_Bulletin_de (pdf)
DuPont_DBI_SUR_Articles_Reach_Compliance_Bulletin_en (pdf)
DuPont_DBI_SUR_Articles_Reach_Compliance_Bulletin_fr (pdf)

Position for DuPont Building Innovations product: DuPont™ Joint Adhesives


If you are not sure under which classification the product you purchase falls, please consult your regular contact at DuPont.

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