Automotive leaders around the world count on Delrin® to deliver reliability, safety, and performance.

Delrin® is a key ingredient in many of the moving parts that keep vehicles safe on the road—from gears and motors powering key functions to flexing, low-friction door and seatbelt systems.

Driving performance

With the rapid rise of motorized applications inside each car and truck, the need has never been greater for reliable materials that can slide with ease, yet hold up under repeated stress. Automakers trust Delrin® for seat adjustment, seatbelt systems, window lift mechanisms, wiper motors, headlight adjusters, and more.

Key performance properties:

  • Low friction for smooth operation
  • Low noise
  • Excellent flex and spring back
  • Long-life fatigue performance 

Delrin® CPE

A new platform of POM homopolymers, Delrin® CPE grades enable optimum processing efficiency—and significant reductions in emission values to meet what are currently the most stringent automotive industry requirements.


Delrin® Renewable Attributed

Base polymer produced using 100% bio-feedstock from waste according to ISCC mass balance certification, Delrin® Renewable Attributed provides the same performance and reliability as Delrin® with a reduced carbon footprint.

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