Nomex® for Emergency Medical Services: Helping Protect the Lifesavers

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When the call of a multi-car pile-up comes in, uncertainties can fill the minds of emergency medical services (EMS) professionals: How many cars? How many victims? How extensive are the injuries? How many can be treated at the scene?

When EMS professionals are outfitted in DuPont™ Nomex®, one thing they can be certain of is that their apparel offers more protection than standard EMS garments.

Peace of mind

New Nomex® EMS Wear provides greater thermal protection from the kind of flash fire hazards often encountered at accident scenes. It also incorporates viral protection from liquid-borne pathogens and protection against many hazardous chemicals. This protection, coupled with the comfort of knowing they are safer from potential on-site hazards such as flash fires, enables EMS professionals to focus on what’s important: saving lives.

Because the outer shell of Nomex® EMS Wear is inherently flame-resistant (FR), it will improve the thermal performance of the entire garment. Nomex® EMS Wear will give EMS professionals the valuable seconds—and FR protection—they need when extracting someone from an accident site should a flash fire occur. This is in sharp contrast to polyester or nylon outer shells, which offer no FR protection and will ignite, melt and drip if exposed to the extreme heat and flames of a flash fire.

Lightweight and durable

Nomex® EMS Wear is comprised of multiple components. The breathable outer shell uses the same technology found in most firefighters’ turnout gear today, but is lighter because no thermal liner is needed. The outer shell is water- and wind-resistant and made with durable, woven fabrics of Nomex® brand fiber. The inner layer includes a liquid-impermeable film that provides protection against blood, body fluids, water and common chemicals. This lightweight, FR garment is specifically designed to meet the demands of EMS professionals—providing mobility and offering valuable peace of mind against the risks they face.

Durable Nomex® EMS Wear can take the on-the-job rigors of emergency apparel wear, as well as the washing and care needed when EMS personnel return to the station.

Protecting the lifesavers

Nomex® EMS Wear provides protection from flash fire hazards, chemicals and blood-borne pathogens, which enables EMS professionals to do what they’ve been called upon to do: save lives.