ZIP System® vs.
Tyvek® HomeWrap®

The maker of ZIP System® coated sheathing and tape claims that its product prevents water intrusion while installing 40% faster than DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®. Naturally, we wondered if it was true.

So we contracted three respected independent third-party labs to put the ZIP System® to the test against Tyvek® HomeWrap®. The results? Nothing outperforms Tyvek®.

Installation speed

Not so fast.
Despite claims, ZIP System® didn't install 40% faster than Tyvek® HomeWrap®. The truth was closer to 0.25%. And some installation stages took much longer than Tyvek®.

ZIP System®

Panels must be installed before taping

Tape requires careful centering

Taping corners requires extra time

Over-penetrated nail holes

A fastener too far.
Installing ZIP System® coated sheathing comes with the risk of over-driven fasteners, each of which creates an entry point for water over the life of the structure. With Tyvek® HomeWrap®, flanged fasteners prevent over-penetration.

ZIP System®

Conventional nails can over-penetrate sheathing

Coated sheathing is easily damaged by nails

Each over-driven fastener creates an entry point for water

Leaky tape seams

Gaps, wrinkles and fish mouths.
A typical ZIP System® installation requires a quarter-mile of taped seams that can funnel water into the wall system. Tyvek® HomeWrap® only needs taping where sections overlap.

ZIP System®

Typical install has a quarter-mile of taped seams

Taped seams are not shingled

Any gaps, wrinkles and fish mouths allow water to enter the wall

Loss of product integrity at corners

Stressed out.
ZIP System® tape is prone to stress and tears at inside corners, creating yet another place for air and water to get into the wall. Tyvek® HomeWrap® folds easily into corners—forming a continuous barrier against air and water infiltration.

ZIP System®

Requires careful application to get tape tight against corners

Cladding can put stress on improperly applied tape

Tape is prone to breakage

The truth about ZIP System®.
Third-party testing revealed that the ZIP System® is prone to leaky tape seams, over-penetrated nail holes, damp sheathing and drips around the jambs and studs.

Since most construction-related litigation is due to water damage, problems like these should be a big concern to any builder.

Fast. Easy. Proven.
Proven in millions of installations through over 40 years of service in the field, DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® delivers excellent performance and is as easy to install as ZIP System® coated sheathing and tape. 

For a superior weather barrier that's fast and dependable, insist on DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®.


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