DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards 2017


DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards

A DuPont Sustainable Solutions Event

Given widespread uncertainty and increasing competition in global markets, safety and sustainability can be overshadowed and underestimated – investment in HSE can be seen as a costly burden.  And yet, if pursued with vigor, improved safety and sustainability have great potential to increase competitive advantage and drive results, both through the optimization of operational efficiency and a reduction in cost.

We at DuPont recognize the difficulty of creating a safety or sustainability program that delivers significant results on an enduring basis.  For this reason, we believe that it is important to celebrate the achievements of companies that have found effective, innovative ways of becoming greener, cleaner and leaner.

The bi-annual DuPont Safety and Sustainability awards, now in its 13th edition, reward the most significant, innovative projects that deliver concrete results. The independent jury selects the winners for the three individual prizes:

  • The DuPont Safety Award
  • The DuPont Sustainability Award
  • The DuPont Operations Excellence Award

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