Advanced Chip Packaging

Dow Electronic Materials supplies materials essential for a wide range of advanced semiconductor packaging applications - products and processes that enable the drive towards reduced form factor and increased functionality in electronic devices that require smaller and more reliable chip-to-chip and chip-to-circuit board interconnects and packages. Through its Advanced Packaging Technologies business, Dow Electronic Materials offers a portfolio of metallization, dielectric, lithography and assembly products that deliver enabling technology for leading-edge packaging schemes, such as WLCSP, flip chip, SiP, and 3D chip packages.

Dow Electronic Materials’ experience in metallization for electronics and materials for front-end semiconductor manufacturing makes the company unique in the chip packaging market. This heritage has built a deep understanding of the materials, stringent quality, and expertise necessary to be successful in the advanced semiconductor packaging market.

Ultimately, our focus is offering materials that address thermal, mechanical, reliability and environmental challenges in advanced packaging applications.