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Keep it safe – integrated solutions for cloud storage

February 11, 2019


The 5G, IoT and AI era will create large amounts of data that need to be stored and processed with a continuous need for almost infinite storage of every type of data – images, text, transaction, mapping and much more. The explosion of data will make new terms like zettabytes, yottabytes and brontobytes part of our everyday language.

The right processing needs to take place at the right time - ultimately driven by power, speed, responsiveness, reliability and storage. Cloud servers and its different layers require materials that allow for sensing, processing and storage for quick, reliable and secure data processing.  Memory configurations for chip content and demand are obviously significantly larger, and there are distinct materials needs and requirements for circuit board integrity, thermal management, and packaging technologies, among others.

Some of DuPont’s materials and integrated solutions used to enable cloud servers and big data processing are featured here:

  • Interlink™ 9200 Copper – Production-proven through-silicon via (TSV) chemistry that provides gap-free plating during bottom-up fill
  • Dow Corning™ Thermally-Conductive Materials – Silicone-based materials delivers thermal management, adhesion, sealing and stress mitigation
  • Copper Gleam™ PPR II Acid Copper - High throwing power for through holes in high aspect ratio thick boards that enhance reliability for servers.
  • Pyralux®  AP  Clad and Pyralux® TK Bondply- Enables low signal loss and high quality signal transmission for flex circuit interconnections
  • Interra® HK04J- Enhances power/ground signal integrity for internet infrastructure and workstationsc
  • VisionPad™ CMP Pads and Acuplane™ 5000 CMP Slurries – industry-proven chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) materials that can be optimized for yield, defectivity, and cost-of-ownership as part of an IC fabrication process design.
  • Photoresists  – robust, production-proven photoresists for g, i-line (SPR™ series), KrF (UV™and UVN™ series) and ArF wavelength (EPIC™ series) technologies for high-volume IC manufacturing.
  • EKC580™ CuSolve™ Post-Etch Residue Remover  – production-proven cleaner used after dry etch process steps in semiconductor copper metallization scheme.

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