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Silicon Carbide Products for High-efficiency Power Devices

As a leading global supplier of high-quality compound semiconductor products for power electronics applications, DuPont Electronics & Imaging is helping to drive the new generation of wide-bandgap semiconductor materials that meet the demands of today’s higher-efficiency power devices.

The power electronics industry is application-driven and not influenced by Moore’s Law. Cost and electrical performance are more important than the gate geometry. Rather, demands are directly linked to global megatrends – improved environmental sustainability and increased electricity demand, which together equates to higher energy efficiency.

DuPont Silicon Carbide Products Support High Voltage Applications

Our 100 and 150mm diameter n+ single-crystal SiC wafers and epitaxy services provide the necessary industry-leading technology to develop more efficient and higher power compact power electronics targeting the following sectors:

  • Industrial: DuPont’s high-quality SiC wafers provide a solid foundation for a new generation of industrial motor controls and power supplies that use electricity and space more effectively while operating more efficiently

  • Transportation: From road to rail to aerospace, DuPont’s SiC solutions help device manufacturers and system OEMs reduce the size and weight of power modules while potentially increasing a vehicle’s acceleration, range and/or speed, with improved battery savings (and faster charging – on board and stations). For rail, SiC supports high voltage AC systems for high speed and long distance transit; low voltage DC for subways; traction control

  • Energy: SiC substrates and epitaxy from DuPont Electronics & Imaging help increase the efficiency and performance of solar inverter and wind turbine designs, as well as providing the fundamental building blocks for the emerging smart grid. Our SiC solutions offer the opportunity to further reduce system costs through better thermal management, smaller form factors, and simplified system design

Our SiC semiconductor portfolio includes:

  • 4H, 4° off-axis, n-type SiC wafers or substrates
  • SiC epitaxial layers (n-type or p-type)
  • Unlike conventional semiconductors, which are composed of a single element such as Silicon, compound semiconductors combine two or more elements. Silicon carbide is an example.

    Silicon carbide (SiC) is more suited than conventional, silicon-based power diodes and transistors to convert and control electricity in systems. Specifically, the intrinsic characteristics of SiC enable high-voltage applications, such as power supplies, inverters, rail-traction control, xEV, renewable energy and the power grid/smart grid.

    SiC power devices can handle the electrical loads, power density, switching rates, operating frequency, thermal management and other performance characteristics required to improve energy efficiency, while reducing energy loss and reducing overall system costs.

Compound Semiconductor Materials

  • Silicon Carbide Wafers & Epitaxy

    Silicon Carbide Wafers & Epitaxy

    DuPont is your reliable global source of leading-edge, production-proven, high-crystal quality silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, and epitaxy services.

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