Compound Semiconductors

A drive towards higher-efficiency energy utilization is leading corporations worldwide to increase investment in cost-effective, high-performance power electronic devices. For decades, energy, transportation, and industrial systems have run on conventional silicon-based power diodes and transistors. Yet, steadily increasing demands for higher power densities are pushing silicon-based semiconductor devices to their physical limits. The solution is next-generation wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC), that are suited to efficiently handle the electrical loads, switching rates and other performance specifications required to reduce energy loss and reduce overall system costs.

As a leading global provider of high-quality compound semiconductors for power electronics applications, Dow is helping to drive this revolution forward. Our SiC semiconductor portfolio offers 4H n+ conducting SiC wafers as well as SiC epitaxial layers (n- or p-doped).

Our n-conducting 100- and 150-mm diameter SiC substrates and epitaxy services provide the necessary industry-leading technology to develop more efficient and compact power electronics targeting the following sectors:

  • Industrial: Dow’s high-quality SiC wafers offer a solid foundation to develop a new generation of industrial motor controls and power supplies that use electricity and space more effectively while operating more efficiently.
  • Transportation: From rail to road to aerospace, Dow’s SiC solutions can help device manufacturers and systems producers reduce the size and weight of power modules while potentially increasing a vehicle’s acceleration, range and/or speed.
  • Energy: SiC substrates and epitaxy from Dow can help you increase the efficiency and performance of your solar inverter and wind turbine designs, as well as providing the fundamental building blocks for the emerging smart grid. Our SiC solutions offer the opportunity to further reduce system costs through better thermal management, smaller form factors and simplified system designs.

Silicon Carbide Wafers and Epitaxy