Copper for Wafer-level Packaging

With production-proven metallization processes for high- and low-speed plating, Dow Electronic Materials’ electroplating copper is ideal for wafer-level packaging. Its high-aspect-ratio capability and uniform, void-free deposits make it ideal for pillar, stud, redistribution, trench, through-silicon via (TSV) and other advanced packaging applications.

INTERVIA™ 9000 Copper Chemistry

RDL Performance at 4.5 ASD

30 µm tin-silver capped copper pillar

INTERVIA™ 9000 Copper Chemistry

Dow Electronic Materials is at the forefront of developing TSV copper solutions for this emerging packaging application with its TSV copper chemistry. This three-component additive chemistry enables excellent gap-filling performance during bottom-up fill of TSVs with challenging aspect ratios. Dow’s years of experience and success in electroplating damascene copper are being leveraged to bring highly capable TSV copper solutions to the advanced packaging market.


5 x 50 μm TSVs

6 x 100 μm TSVs